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From its history as an unfairly categorized and misunderstood plant, to cannabis’ current status as a now legal (in some areas) and yet still misunderstood plant, everything about cannabis is complicated.BUY WEED ONLINE WITH PAYPAL

Of the over 400 chemical compounds found within cannabis, more than 60 of them are cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are primarily responsible for producing the vast array of effects most commonly associated with cannabis.

While we’ve just begun to understand the full scope and complexity of this beautiful and historically misunderstood plant, we do know a few basics. Let’s break them down for you.


Until the emergence of CBD (more on that below), of all the significant cannabinoids, THC was the most commonly referenced and understood. THC is the abbreviation for a scientific label you’re likely to forget—Delta (9)-tetrahydrocannabinol. And, as previously mentioned, it is the most well-known cannabinoid. THC is responsible for most of the psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis. To put it simply, THC gets you high. That’s not all it does, however. THC has proven to have numerous therapeutic effects and is considered an antioxidant, helping to protect your brain and providing general relief from pain and inflammation..


From farmers markets to your local pet store, to sparkling water, CBD is all the rage (we published a blog about CBD), and because of this, there’s a ton of misinformation floating around about it. What is CBD and what does it do? Let’s start with the basics.

CBD is the second most common cannabinoid found within cannabis. Unlike its psychoactive cousin, THC, CBD doesn’t bind itself to the same CB1 or CB2 Receptors (learn more about those here), which means, in basic terms, CBD doesn’t get you high. That said CBD has a whole range of positive attributes that help to explain its newfound fame. CBD has been shown to help relieve nausea, inflammation, and anxiety. It is for this reason many consumers prefer CBD to THC—they can get the benefits of cannabis without experiencing the head-high from THC.



Concentrates extracted with PHO are made exactly the same way as with the BHO process, except the processor uses propane as the solvent instead of butane.


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Samuel Johnson

CBN isn’t as widely known as THC or CBD; this is due mainly to the lengthy history of cannabis prohibition (ongoing in many parts of our country) which has kept researchers from being able to study the lesser-known compounds found within cannabis. As THC oxidizes, it becomes CBN. It is for this reason that old or improperly stored cannabis has higher-levels of CBN than fresh flower stored in an airtight container. Like CBD, CBN is non-psychoactive and is known to assist with general pain relief, is anti-convulsive, and, most importantly, helps to provide restful sleep.

As researchers continue to study cannabinol, CBN-rich products will begin to hit the market. For now, there are very few products available specific to CBN. Drop by your favorite Lightshade location to discuss available products.


CBG (cannabigerol), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and like CBD, it won’t get you high. CBG plays a critical role in the biochemistry of cannabis, as it is the foundation of THC and CBD. While only minimal amounts of CBG have been identified in cannabis strains, there are hemp strains cultivated specifically to contain higher yields of this cannabinoid. Researchers have found CBG to possess potent antibacterial properties. They’ve also been able to uncover positive attributes related to CBG such as the reduction of intraocular pressure (fluid pressure inside the eye), making this cannabinoid an excellent option for patients experiencing glaucoma. CBG has been discovered to be a neuroprotectant, aids with skin ailments, stimulates appetite and is helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.



According to the internet, the age of space tourism is a matter of time. And while civilian space exploration may have been set back a few years due to the pandemic, the impending global economic crisis, and the arrival of “murder hornets” in the continental United States, with the right cannabis edibles, you can achieve civilian space travel in your own living room whenever you want.

Eating cannabis is a potent, immersive, and unique experience – which can also be delicious even if you aren’t that handy in the kitchen. Edibles produce a much different high than smoking weed, which kicks in instantly and wears off before too long. Edibles, on the other hand, must be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, and they can take well over an hour to kick in. This is actually part of the fun of taking edibles – downing an innocent-enough looking cookie, feeling perfectly normal so you do some chores around the house, get lost flipping through Netflix and then – liftoff. Once edibles hit, they produce a powerful body high that can last much longer than smoking weed.

Edibles are a great option for weed fans and the cannacurious who maybe don’t like smoking or futzing around with preparing joints and paraphernalia, but still want to get high. It’s also a good option for those who can’t smoke marijuana because of respiratory problems.

As recreational marijuana legalization has become a reality in states across the country, edibles have gone through a renaissance of sorts and are now a feature on the shelves of dispensaries from Alaska to Massachusetts. And these aren’t your parents’ pot brownies of yesteryear – today’s edibles run the gamut from THC gummy worms to energy drinks to gourmet chocolates to all types of “craft edibles” that usually have “artisan” written somewhere on the box. There is also a rising trend of cooking with cannabis, as can be seen in the newfound popularity of cannabis cookbooks, as well as cannabis cooking shows where marijuana is the centerpiece of the meal, and not simply the lure that gets people to come to your dinner party in the first place.

One of the best, most surefire ways to take the guesswork out of edibles is to make your own cannabis infusions. This allows for precision edibles that 100% of the time, work every time.

What is the LEVO II, and what’s in these chicken wings? | BUY WEED ONLINE WITH PAYPAL USA

As the name perhaps suggests, the LEVO II is the second incarnation of the LEVO, a state-of-the-art infusing machine that does a whole lot more than just make cannabutter, thank you very much.

The LEVO II story begins back in 2011, a halcyon time less than a year after the launch of Instagram when people made food even though they didn’t yet realize they needed to be photographing it too.

This was when LEVO’s Founder & CEO Chrissy Bellman had her “lightbulb” moment, according to the company. Bellman was “watching a group of friends struggle to infuse in a small dorm room,” which left their kitchen a mess and also wasted an entire day. Bellman doesn’t say what they were trying to infuse, but being that this was a dorm room, we hope for their sake, it was weed and not truffle oil or a lavender hand salve. Facing such failure, most students would give up edibles and simply smoke their weed, and/or drink any alcohol or solvent in the room. Not Bellman!

Instead, over the next five years, she “bootstrapped the engineering and development of LEVO” at night after working her day job at a number of Fortune 500 companies. In 2016 she launched a pre-order campaign, and today, in 2020, LEVOs can be found in more than 800 retail locations.

The raison d’etre behind LEVO is to empower customers to choose all the ingredients that go into their food, without any chemical additives (technically, THC is a chemical, but you know what they mean), and produce infusions without messy kitchen tops, emulsifiers, solvents, or additives.

How the LEVO II can make your life easier  | ORDER WEED ONLINE WITH PAYPAL

If you’re making your own edibles, then technically, you’re already cutting out the middleman. The LEVO II takes this even further by decarbing your weed and infusing your oil (or butter, etc.) all in one device.

The LEVO II has three settings: activate, dry, and infuse. The machine’s default “activation” setting of 240F/116C takes the guesswork out of this step and accounts for the fact that edibles recipes often have varying temperatures for decarboxylation, and different ovens can provide different results.moonrocks for sale

There isn’t a default setting for infusion. Instead, you customize it according to the herb you’re infusing and the oil you’d like to use. Once your infusion is finished, the LEVO’s gravity dispenser reduces air bubbles and moisture, which helps extend the shelf life of your cannabis oil.

The LEVO II is also a smart device, and it connects wirelessly to a free app, through which you can control and set the various cycles of your infusion remotely. You’ll also get an alert once the different stages are complete, and you can save your favorite settings for the next round.


First things first, decarboxylate the herb. Decarboxylating “activates” the cannabis, allowing the THC to work and for you to get high and not work. You can customize the activation stage if you’d like, but the company recommends you use the default setting. All you need to do is add the pod protector to the bottom of your herb pod (good thing you paid attention in Sex Ed!), dry off your weed, and then loosely pack the pod. Be careful not to overpack it. Close the lid and select ACTIVATE. Select your desired time and temperature or default, and press start.

If you haven’t picked out a recipe yet, this would be a good time.

First, take the filled herb pod and put it in the reservoir where it says “place pod here.” Next, select the oil or butter you want to use in liquid or solid form. Add up to 19 ounces to the reservoir so that everything in the herb pod is completely submerged. Shut the lid, select INFUSE, and set your time and temperature and press start.kurupts moonrocks for sale

LEVO II makes this step especially easy. On the company website, you can find an online calculator where you select the herb and oil or butter you’d like to use, and it will show you the time and temperature to use.

What kind of edibles can you make with the LEVO II? | SHOP WEED ONLINE WITH PAYPAL

With the LEVO II, you can make any kind of edible that uses an oil infusion or cannabutter. The oil and butters that are listed on the site’s calculator include MCT oil, glycerin, avocado, corn, grapeseed, sesame, ghee, almond, canola, olive, butter, and coconut.

This includes just about every edible you can think of from THC gummy bears (made with coconut oil) to brownies (cannabutter is best) to a nice dinner salad drizzled with THC infused olive oil.

It’s up to you really.


The LEVO II usually retails for $349.99 but is currently available for$249.99. That’s the best deal we could find online at the moment.


  • Ceramic coated reservoir
  • Silicone stirrer
  • Slanted reservoir for easy pouring
  • Infuse up to 19 ounces of oil
  • Use up to ½ cup of marijuana in each infusion cycle recipe
  • Wi-fi capable with free app
  • Wide range of colors (jet, meyer, alpin, robin, cayenne)
  • Default setting for easy carboxylation
  • Customizable timing and temperature
  • 6.9 x 7.9 x 13 in.
  • Weighs 9.25 pounds
  • Power output: AC 110V 50/60Hz 250W


The LEVO II has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 188 user reviews. Of the reviews, 75% gave the machine a 5-star rating. Users gave it high marks for “easy to clean,” “easy to use,” and “value for money.”

Users have shared their one recipes and recommendations for optimizing the machine, as well as their experiences dealing with the company in the event there was an issue with the LEVO II.BUY MOONROCKS ONLINE WITH PAYPAL

For the most part, they describe it as easy to use and to clean, and the people who really like the LEVO II? They REALLY like the difference it’s made in helping them craft their own edibles at home.

So, should you get it? | BUY CANNABIS ONLINE WITH PAYPAL

Like a college degree, learning how to make edibles can open all types of doors and improve your quality of life. Luckily though, it’s a lot less expensive and not nearly as time-consuming.

With the LEVO II, you have what may be the easiest way yet to make flawless THC infused oils and butters that you can keep on the shelf any time you’re having company (or a lazy Sunday) and want to make some edible magic.

It takes out the guesswork, the mess, and the hassle – and leaves all the good stuff. And if you still need to convince your significant other why you need to shell out that kind of money for a cannabis oil maker, the Levo can also handle a wide range of herbs in addition to cannabis, including root vegetables like garlic and ginger; herbs like rosemary, thyme and basil; and even delicate plant matter like mustard seed, vanilla, and lavender.kurupts moon rock for sale

What do you get the mom who loves weed? If your mother actually had to put up with you all those years — or if the mother of your children is putting up with you now — then she deserves a break more than just about anybody else.

Sure, you could just give your mom some weed, but why not actually put some thought into your gift? It’s the least you could do.

Lucky for you, we did the thinking part already and compiled a selection of thoughtful gifts for that special woman in your life. All that’s left for you to do is to choose one to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom is just canna-curious or already a full-blown stoner, with the help of your Mother’s Day gift guide you’re sure to find her something that she’ll love.stiiizy for sale

The gift that says “Mom, I bought you a brand new appliance that will help you make edibles quicker and easier than ever before!” The MagicButter infuser is “the world’s first countertop botanical extractor,” (according to the company, historians may dispute this) and it will allow mom to make her own cannabutter, weed oils, tinctures – and a whole lot more – in no time.

Does your mom love to cater parties? Make amazing weed tinctures to give to friends? Is she looking to set up her own pandemic-era quasi-legal edibles company? The MagicalButter Infuser has her covered.kurupt moonrocks bulk sales

If the thought of gifting a kitchen appliance for Mother’s Day makes you shudder, the LEVO II oil infuser is the way to go. Yes, it’s an appliance, but this machine is so smart, it does all the work for you. Like the MagicalButter, it automatically extracts all the good stuff out of dry herb, and according to the company, activates “more tastes, scents, colors, and more.”

Unlike the MagicalButter, the Levo II is very smart — it stores your infusing history and has a time and temperature calculator and library of recipes to make things easy for mom, or you, when you decide to visit and do laundry/make weed extracts while watching Project Runway with mom.

We’ve all gotten high before having dinner at mom’s, but what if you could cut out the middle man? This book by the good folks who brought you Viceland’s ‘MUNCHIES’ series is a beautiful, classy, and sophisticated (like mom!) guide to the world of cooking with cannabis.

It breaks down the science of edibles and marijuana in general and includes a handy and very visual guide to the equipment and herb you’ll need to get started. That’s in addition to sixty-five mouth-watering recipes ranging from coconut crab gratin to cucumber and citrus salad, french bread pizza, and a whole host of meat, seafood, and chicken dishes, as well as more than enough weed desserts to give you another reason to (finally) go visit your mom.


This 5-gallon grow kit from is an all-in-one, can’t-mess-this-up way for first-timers to grow their own marijuana plant.

It contains everything you need to grow weed at home — including a seed germination kit, pot drain saucer, soil, beneficial bacteria, a spray bottle, growing guide, and about a dozen other handy supplies that should have mom raising a new (favorite) child in no time. The kit also comes with 24/7 grow support and it is perfect for growing a single 3-6 foot plant on a balcony or out in the garden.


Moms don’t have time for bullshit, especially not these days. Autoflower seeds take most of the hassle out of growing marijuana and are perfect for novice gardeners or just moms who maybe, on a good day, get about 15 minutes when somebody somewhere isn’t demanding something from them.

Luckily, autoflowers take very little work. They’re feminized, very easy to grow, compact, and they should produce high-quality buds in just a couple of months. And why not go with a classic strain like White Widow? It’s a chill, forgiving strain that spreads joy and seldom disappoints. Just what mom needs.http://canna-center-com.stackstaging.comSHOP MARIJUANA ONLINE WITH PAYPAL

You might not be able to buy the mom in your life that walk-in closet she always wanted, but this might be the next best thing.

The Armoire is a “complete biochamber kit,” a self-contained grow room inside an armoire that can consistently grow a quarter pound or more of weed during each 60-day cycle — all while being hidden in plain sight in your living room. This could have mom sitting on almost a pound and a half of weed by the next Mother’s Day, but even if the yield isn’t that generous, the armoire is a brilliant way to turn any corner of the house into a grow room that takes no expertise and little maintenance at all.

With timed lights, air circulation fans, and digital environment controls built-in, all you have to do is plum, plant, and water.

Someday soon — hopefully — we’ll all get to hit the spa, the gym, or the pool again. Until that day comes, you can still get your mom all the pampering she deserves at home, with this all-in-one CBD spa kit.

This gift set comes with a whole range of self-care goodies, including two types of CBD bath salts, two facial skincare products, and some CBD gummies and balm to carry mom through the rest of the day.

Most moms could really — really — use a nice warm bubble bath that they can actually finish without their kids interrupting them every five minutes. Now that you’re (hopefully) no longer doing that, it could be time to treat your mom to one of these Joy Organics 4-pack of bath bombs.

Each bath bomb contains 25 mg of CBD and is infused with aromatic lavender oil, making it the perfect way for mom to kick back at the end of another long day. Actually, nobody said moms can’t just roll out of bed in the morning and have a CBD bubble bath. It’s 2020, anything goes, just support mom in her marijuana online

Not everybody’s stoner mom started out that way. A lot of them discovered cannabis at a later age, perhaps, ahem….due to the stress of parenting. This book by Shira Adler (called “The Marijuana Mama” by Reuters) is an all-inclusive look at how CBD works, which brands to use, if it’s legal where your mom lives, and how it can provide relief for a host of ailments.

It’s a book for the canna-curious, those who want to learn about the side of cannabis they didn’t teach us in D.A.R.E. (or at the register in a head shop), and how it can bring a whole new level of wellness to moms, parents, and the kids that drive them crazy.

Taking bong rips with your mom is a good way to say, “we survived — somehow — and our relationship is based on mutual recognition and support.” The stylish, mint green bong is part of the Grav Labs Jane West Collection, named after the American cannabis activist and founder of cannabis networking organization Women marijuana online shop austin tx

This bong is a great way to support great women in cannabis and make sure that one great woman in cannabis (mom) has the perfect centerpiece for her coffee table.

Arguably, any day is a spa day when you have a sleek, portable, and very strong vaporizer on hand to let you puff vape clouds on the couch, in the supermarket parking lot, in your car before/after the PTA meeting, and really just about anywhere and anytime you want to get lifted.

Show the mom in your life that you believe vaping makes parenting (“vapenting?”) a little easier to cope with and makes cashing a bowl a lot better.buying marijuana online legal.buying recreational marijuana online

They say elephants never forget. The same could be said for moms, so why not buy mom a pipe to remember – at least once the effects of that bowl she just cashed wear off. The Art of Smoke Elephant pipe is a handy little ceramic smoking buddy that fits in the palm of your hand and comes with a large bowl and a carb that….appears to be where the elephant’s anus would be.

But don’t let that stop you! This is a great gift that shows mom you care and gives her something to take to her next pottery class and act like she made it marijuana paypal

Cookies G Pod Price – Rating 1/5 | online marijuana usa

I purchased a half gram Cookies G pod from Eaze for $50.00 (before tax and fees). This is not a cheap prefilled cartridge and I expect a premium product for that price. To be honest, this product is not offering anything more than other pod cartridges with distillate. I am not going to recommend this Cookies pod for the current price it’s selling at. We think a price of $30.00 would be appropriate for a half gram.

G pen Battery Review – Rating 4/5 | online marijuana dispensary

It’s bigger than the small size vape pens out there and it only costs $19.99 from the official GPen website. There, you will also find the Cookies edition Gpen batteries for the same price. They have a blue and white version. I also found the G pen vaporizer for sale at $30 on The G pen battery can sufficiently vape an entire half gram pod before needing to be recharged. I recommend sticking to the normal 510 connection cartridges for the Cookies brand which cost less than the pods.

Cookies Cartridge Review Overall Rating 3/5 | online marijuana delivery

I wasn’t happy spending $50 for a half of a gram cartridge that only lasted two days. Sure it had a decent amount of THC inside and the taste was good, but it’s overpriced without any real justifications (apart from branding I guess…). I am a fan of their product but not the price. I rather spend $50 for a half gram sauce cartridge from KGB Reserves or Friendly Farms. These two companies offer full spectrum THC oil that provides a much more intense high compared to distillate and therefore these are worth the premium marijuana store

What is the best Rosin Press in 2020? There are many new rosin press machines available for sale, and the prices & quality vary substantially. We explored all of the most popular rosin press machines, and in this article, we break it down. Learn from our research, which brands provide the most value.
Since the rosin hype started with the hair straightener technique, the Rosin Press has come a long way.

What is Rosin Hash? | weed delivery with paypal

You can extract rosin Hash by using pressure and heat simultaneously. This simple cannabis extraction method avoids having to use solventless and therefore, there is no concern for any impurities in Rosin hash.

What Do You Need To Know About Pressure? | weed for sale with paypal

Of course, the entire point of a rosin press is pressure. However, many people think that getting the highest amount of pressure is essential. This isn’t always the case. The maximum amount of pressure any specific press is capable of generating doesn’t make a huge difference. At least after a particular point. Higher pressure won’t always promise a better result or a significantly higher yield. Excessively high pressure could even worsen the quality of your rosin. It can push material like organic particles and lipids into the rosin. This is undesirable and makes for a poor quality output. While a higher pressure increases the yield, it does so only slightly. Also, the risks of pushing chlorophyll and fats into the rosin often negate that benefit. Bear this in mind when purchasing the right press for you.

Choosing A Rosin Press Machine | How can i buy weed online with paypal

It’s never been easier to press rosin yourself at home. An increasing number of rosin presses have been released on the market over recent years. Some are expensive, but some are well within the average person’s budget. However, how do you choose the best one for your needs? There is such a broad selection to pick from; it’s often hard to choose. If you want good quality rosin hash, you need a good quality press. Therefore, weeding out poor quality models is crucial. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to determine the right press for your requirements.
Before we get started, you’ll need to know about the different kinds of presses on the market. Let’s get started.

The Types Of Rosin Press On The Market | online marijuana dispensary usa

There are five types of rosin press available for sale. All have different pros and cons. Some are more suitable to certain users than others. We will take a closer look at each type so you can determine which one is right for marijuana medical cards

The Manual Press | online marijuana dispensary usa

This type of press uses a twisting mechanism or hand crank to generate pressure. They are an excellent choice for use at home. They aren’t suited to bulk processing because the manual operation process is slow. Manual presses are not very powerful and are smaller than other kinds of press.

The Hydraulic Press | online marijuana sales usa

This type of press is slightly more advanced than a manual press. Although it still requires a hand pump to produce sufficient pressure, there are hydraulic cylinders too. These do the majority of the work for you. Most hydraulic presses require you to buy a separate hand pump. You won’t need to buy an air compressor, though. There are several versions of the hydraulic press, but most are in the 5-20 ton range. They are lighter and smaller than a pneumatic press. As there’s no need for an air compressor, hydraulic presses operate quietly, but you need to pump them manually. This makes them suitable for home users rather than commercial users.

The Pneumatic Press | online marijuana stock

These presses don’t need to be pumped or cranked by hand. They can run by simply pressing a button. These powerful presses are heavy and large. They also require an air compressor to run, although it can be any air compressor. They are noisy to run. Since they operate without manual effort, a pneumatic press is ideal if you need to process lots of buds. They are perfect for any commercial application.

The Electric Press | online marijuana dispensary canada

An electric press is quite a new invention. They are straightforward to use, running by just pressing a button. This is similar to pneumatic models, but rather than using an air compressor, the pump is electric. The electric press can be used right out of its box with no need for any extras. On the downside, they don’t generate as much power. This means that pneumatic models are better for commercial operations.

The Hybrid Press | online marijuana dispensary paypal

A hybrid press utilizes hydraulic cylinders; however, you can choose how to operate them. This means you can choose to use pneumatic, hand or electric pumps. Hybrid presses offer flexibility, allowing you to step up your operation with no need to buy a different press. Hybrid models tend to be for commercial use. They’re heavy and quite large, with big plates. They generate lots of pressure while also allowing precise control.

GoPressure is a high-quality manufacturer of outstanding rosin presses. Offering both manual and pneumatic models, this brand caters for the needs of home users and commercial users. Designed for a long lifespan and excellent durability, GoPressure’s presses won’t disappoint. Here, we look at their most expensive and most affordable marijuana dispensary paypal

GoPressure Long’s Peak Pneumatic Rosin Press

  • Price: $7400
  • Pressure Capability: 8 tons
  • Capacity: 35g flower/70g kief or hash
  • Warranty: 1 year (2 years on frame and pneumatic cylinder)

online marijuana delivery denver

If you’re looking for an impressive pneumatic press, this model won’t disappoint. Designed for commercial users, it can press a large amount of rosin in one go. Its 10 x 3” heat plates are premium quality to ensure quality rosin production. This model features the brands trademarked Pressware technology. This even offers an LCD color touchscreen, dual pressure and customized software, ensuring accurate control. Supplying 8 tons of force, this model is oil free and requires low maintenance for even greater convenience. The heat plates are made from aluminum, each one having its own thermocouple. This ensures a more even distribution of heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The powder coated construction ensures extra durability and the two pairs of orientation legs allow horizontal or vertical operation.


  • Durable and strong design
  • Dual insulated aluminum press plates
  • Pressware technology for accurate temperature control
  • Large pressing capacity suitable for commercial use
  • Oil-free and low maintenance
  • Two possible orientations for operation


  • Very expensive

GoPressure Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press | online marijuana dispensary reviews

  • Price: $3100
  • Pressure Capability: 3 tons
  • Capacity: 6g flower/10g kief or hash
  • Warranty: 1 year

GoPressure’s most affordable model is their Helix manual press. Offering reliability and precision, this model is ideal for use at home. It is small enough to take anywhere and to press anything. Capable of pressing up to 6g of flower, it has a simple, user-friendly operation. There is no need for any air compressor. One top feature of this model is its force measuring load cell. This displays the bag pressure instantly, something which other manual presses don’t usually offer. The pressure control is super responsive and it’s even possible to dial in settings for up to 29 recipes. This is all thanks to the integrated Pressware technology with its touchscreen and customized software. The aluminum plates ensure even distribution of heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the construction is powder coated for extra durability and there is a removable drip tray for easier marijuana delivery florida


  • Durable and strong design
  • Force measuring load cell for real-time bag pressure readings
  • Pressware technology for accurate temperature control
  • Removable drip tray for lower maintenance
  • No noise because no air compressor is needed
  • Portable and affordable


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • Expensive for a manual model

online marijuana dispensary illinois

Whether you’re looking for a commercial scale product or a press for home use, Nug Smasher is leading the market.
Nugsmasher Pro

  • Price: $3596
  • Pressure Capability: 20 tons
  • Capacity: under 112g
  • Warranty: 1 year

A powerful 20-ton pneumatic model, the Nugsmasher Pro is made in the USA. Made from solid steel, it is robust and durable. It features aluminum pressing plates measuring 7 x 10”. Loading is simple, thanks to the centering racks for the plates. This unit reaches its proper temperature in just 5 minutes and only requires nine amps of power for energy saving. Its in-built pressure gauge ensures accuracy while the custom machined handle is easy to use. Although it can be used manually, this unit operates best with an air marijuana dispensary michigan


  • Large scale rosin production
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Reliable timer and temperature control
  • Aluminum heat plates ensure optimal heat distribution
  • Energy saving, only requiring nine amps of pressure


  • Doesn’t come with an air compressor
  • Nugsmasher Mini
  • Price: $496
  • Pressure Capability: 2 tons
  • Capacity: under 3.5g
  • Warranty: 1 year

This small scale model doesn’t compromise on quality. Made from solid steel, it’s robust and durable. It also heats rapidly for speedy production. Featuring dual heating elements, it offers accurate temperature marijuana dispensary shipping


  • User-friendly design for home use
  • Strong and robust steel construction
  • Dual heating elements for accurate temperature control
  • Rapid heating


Requires manual operation
Only suitable for domestic use

The THC cartridge price varies substantially in the United States. Either you’re paying for the convenience of being able to buy it in a state where the oil is not legal, or it’s an additional tax in legalized states. There are various sizes of oil cartridges available that also determine the price. We are going to tackle the costs of THC cartridges in the most popular (legal) states such as California, Colorado, Washington, and marijuana dispensaries near me

We will also take a look at black market prices of the THC oil cartridges in states where cannabis is not legal marijuana delivery michigan

There are substantial price differences when it comes to a premium 1 gram oil cartridge compared to the low quality prefilled cartridges. The price for a disposable THC cartridge filed with one gram can cost you anywhere from $15-$75. It’s evident that the THC content has a significant influence on the price. The extraction method also has an impact on the price since there are many different extraction methods, and each one has a different price tag.

Distillate is a type of cannabis extract that separates the THC from the other cannabinoids. A lot of distillate use trimming while the more premium options use nugs and natural marijuana dispensary california

You can buy lower quality THC oil cartridges on the black market and sadly also in legal cannabis dispensaries.

Another influence for the THC cartridge price is the brand behind it. Some companies offer overpriced THC oil cartridges that we are going to talk about next. There are THC oil cartridge brands that focus more on their packaging and label, rather than their products offering the best possible marijuana delivery nationwide

The half-gram oil cartridge is another more affordable option next to the full gram. The price of half gram oil cartridges ranges from $20-$45. Sometimes the price of a half gram cartridge will not exceed the cost of its full gram version. This is to encourage the purchase of a full gram at a small discount. The half-gram is the most popular size, and many brands start with it before moving on to bigger sizes.

The most expensive THC cartridges are not available in a full gram. So far you can only get half gram carts for an average of $45.00. The brand Friendly Farms is a perfect example of a premium cartridge brand that only offers a half gram medical marijuana online ny

While some companies such as Heavy Hitters is trying to push the size of oil cartridges with its 2.2-gram size, others such as King Pen are going in another direction by selling smaller options. A lot of brands are now trying to introduce an even smaller amount of prefilled THC oil cartridges with a third of a gram option. These typically range from $20-$25 and are more suitable for people who don’t vape often.

We recommend the prefilled THC oil CCELL disposable .3 gram cartridges. The disposable joints we tried so far (and we tried a lot) never lasted long and would end not tasting as good as it did in the beginning. Most of the CCELL cartridges we tried efficiently vaped every drop of cannabis medical marijuana online pennsylvania

Colorado Vape Pen Cartridges Price | buy marijuana online in virginia

The average price of prefilled THC oil cartridges in Colorado ranges from $30-$40 for a half gram and between $50-$75 for a full gram. There are prefilled vape cartridges for sale that look similar to brands in California and going by different names. I found a brand in Colorado called Evolab, who looks a lot like the old branding of Rove. This cartridge is going for the same price too, $30 for a half gram cartridge.

The Pax Era and G Pod have made their way from California to Colorado. These two products are far from Californias best. Oil Pen is another brand that made its way to Colorado from California. However, this is a much better product than the two previously mentioned pod vape marijuana grams online

We did manage to find some good deals on Weedmaps in the Colorado area. If you take your time, you’ll find some great locally made THC oil cartridges for fair prices.

California Prefilled Oil Cartridge Prices | online marijuana dispensary home delivery

The best place to find affordable and premium THC oil cartridges is California. Currently, no other state can compete with the prices in Cali. There is an explanation for these lower prices. California was the first state that legalized medical cannabis consumption.

In California, you will find the cheapest THC cartridge because of the enormous market. There is a vast amount of different prefilled cartridge brands with CBD and THC available for sale in California. We compiled a list of the best hash oil cartridges for 2019 that we recommend checking out. This list has mostly California hash oil cartridges because that’s where the best are coming from.

THC Cartridge Price Where You’re From | online marijuana dispensaries in canada

Let us know the 1-gram oil cartridge price where you’re from in the comments. Although the current trend is many states legalizing or at least decriminalizing cannabis, there are still states where weed is entirely illegal. The price for oil cartridges in states where cannabis is not legal yet massively increase the cost of low-quality carts. Don’t pay premium prices for these low THC content vape cartridges. The 1 gram oil cartridge price drops to the lowest when it comes from a counterfeit vape cartridge. If you want to find out how to avoid bad brands, read our article about fake vape medical marijuana online nj

Raw Garden is one of the most tastiest THC oil cartridges we ever vaped. It’s not the most potent THC cartridge, but its up there and deserves to be considered a high potency cartridge. The preserved terpenes compliment the THC for a more superior high compared to carts that are not using naturally acquired cannabis medical marijuana online

Other brands are introducing their own Live Resin Cartridges such as West Coast Cure and Alpine Vapor. As we mentioned above, we tried Alpine Vapor, and its Live Resin wasn’t as intense as this one. The Alpine Vapor vape cartridge hardware is still using inferior wick to vaporize its cannabis oil. West Coast Cure vape cartridges are using the standard CCELL technology which we will review in a more in-depth review soon. Also, we are planning on creating a best live resin cartridge list this year so check back medical marijuana online in florida

After vaping multiple Raw Garden cartridges, we weren’t able to find any dislikes. The vape cart itself was never clogged and offered a smooth hit with each draw. The quality of their nug run THC oil is noticeable compared to others that use trim to produce their cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil from Raw Garden’s vape cartridges has incredible flavor. We were able to try out a couple of different live resin cartridges; they were significantly more flavorful than other distillate and live resin cartridges we tried.

It’s important to note that this is a distillate vape cartridge; however, the terpenes are from the cannabis plant.

Another Live resin vape cartridge I tried is from Alpine Vapor. Raw Garden offers a much more intense and pleasant flavor compared to Alpine Vapor Live Resin vape cartridges.http://canna-center-com.stackstaging.comonline marijuana marketplace

When you vape the Raw Garden THC oil, you will not experience any artificial flavor.

We’ve tried over 30+ THC cartridges, and this has made it to our top 3 favorite tasting prefilled cartridges.

The highlight for this raw garden cartridge review is hands down its natural flavor profiles. Some of their flavors are so good that it’s tough to believe it came from a cannabis marijuana medical card california

There are many flavors to choose from Raw Garden. Some taste too good to be just cannabis. The terpene profiles nonetheless are impressive. There are many unique strain hybrid combinations available that we’ve never heard of and we’ve been smoking for a very long time. We were extremely impressed with every flavor we tried from Raw Garden. We intend to try out more flavors and updating this list as we do.

Some Raw Garden Flavors ( Full list available on their Weedmaps page.) | buy marijuana online new brunswick

  • Sour Tangie
  • 3 bears
  • Strawberry Chem
  • Blueberry Punch
  • Lime Mojito
  • Skyhound
  • Animas Badlands
  • Lime Drop – The terpene profiles were out of this world for this specific strain. It was impressive that it had a hint of lime taste in the vapor.
  • Strawberry Sunrise
  • Dosi Punch – Sweet tasting terpene profile here that packs a punch of THC.
  • Banana OG – Best Tasting Banana OG that we’ve tried hands down!

THC Oil Flavor Rating: 5/5

Live Resin Potency | buy online marijuana oil

The labeling on Raw Garden vape cartridges have the words “high potency” on it. This label is a warning for people with low THC tolerance. As someone who vapes frequently, I am looking for a vape cartridge I don’t need to hit often. The Raw garden cartridges pack a punch with THC content ranging on average 75-80%. One to two puffs until the vape battery cuts you off is more than enough to feel the effects of the THC.

The box has instructions stating that a 2-4 second draw is suggested and to use caution when dosing. On the box, they also indicate to use a matching battery. We created the ultimate guide to the best 510 thread vape batteries in 2019. Any vape battery that has a 510 connection can vape a Raw Garden cartridge. Although Raw Garden does offer their very own 510 connection vape battery, it’s a simple option that its price doesn’t justify. Vape pens that are similar to the size of an actual pen can be lost easily. I’ve personally had many slide out of my pocket that I had to switch to other designs such as the CCELL palm. You can find the CCELL palm on the above list of the best 510 thread vape quality marijuana online

Potency Rating: 5/5

THC Cartridge Price | buy marijuana online shop austin tx

Raw Garden offers premium THC cartridges, and it still has an affordable price. We were able to buy a half gram Raw garden cartridge for $32.00 before tax. Unfortunately, they currently only have half gram options available for sale. A lot of prefilled THC oil cartridge companies only offer half gram options at first and at a later stage they will release full gram versions. We’ve seen other dispensaries and deliver services with Raw Garden cartridges selling for $40 a half marijuana online using paypal

There are unique batch lab testing results provided on each Raw Garden vape cartridge box. You can access the lab test results via a link, which is a short link that redirects you to the lab test weed online using paypal


Raw Garden is one of the most tastiest THC oil cartridges we ever vaped. It’s not the most potent THC cartridge, but its up there and deserves to be considered a high potency cartridge. The preserved terpenes compliment the THC for a more superior high compared to carts that are not using naturally acquired cannabis terpenes.can you buy marijuana online in pennsylvania

Other brands are introducing their own Live Resin Cartridges such as West Coast Cure and Alpine Vapor. As we mentioned above, we tried Alpine Vapor, and its Live Resin wasn’t as intense as this one. The Alpine Vapor vape cartridge hardware is still using inferior wick to vaporize its cannabis oil. West Coast Cure vape cartridges are using the standard CCELL technology which we will review in a more in-depth review soon. Also, we are planning on creating a best live resin cartridge list this year so check back soon!

After vaping multiple Raw Garden cartridges, we weren’t able to find any dislikes. The vape cart itself was never clogged and offered a smooth hit with each draw. The quality of their nug run THC oil is noticeable compared to others that use trim to produce their cannabis marijuana usa online


The Cereal Carts are unregulated prefilled THC cartridges. These days, the black market is getting creative (not) with their packaging. Cereal carts have surfaced in parts of the USA where cannabis is online marijuana store usa

THC cartridges have surged in popularity because it allows people to get high in public discreetly and on the go.

The popularity of prefilled THC oil cartridges also skyrocketed in the black market. You can see the proof of this statement on Instagram with over 10,000 mentions of the hashtag #cerealcarts. Scrolling down these posts will reveal other similar prefilled 510 cartridges we already reviewed before such as Dank Vapes, Mario carts, and Supreme Carts. There is speculation that @Dankwoods is the company behind these carts.The official Cereal Carts Instagram (@cerealcarts) page currently has 46,500 followers. They only follow three accounts, Dankwoods, Dank Vapes (new account @dankvapesla) and Dank online marijuana dispensary usa

These unregulated THC cartridges are not known for being clean from pesticides. If you search lab results of these brands online, you will soon find out that most of these unregulated carts tested positive for pesticides and other unwanted substances. These carts also lie about the THC content inside of the distillate oil. It’s mostly cut with terpenes that provides a lot of flavor in exchange for diluting the THC online marijuana dispensary usa 2020

Do not be fooled by the inaccurate THC content labeled on Cereal Carts. There is no reputable proof that these cartridges have 90% THC. There are currently no Cereal Carts pesticide test results available online. However, there are others that look very similar such as Dank vapes and Mario carts. Dank Vapes and Mario Carts both came back testing positive for pesticides. We took a closer look at more fake cartridges that we recommend checking out.cheapest marijuana online in usa

The question many people have about Cereal Carts is wheater there is any reputable company behind it or if these THC carts are all only fake and produced by random people. You can find the Cereal Carts packaging online for sale along with empty vape cartridges. This allows anyone to sell their THC oil disguised as a Cereal Cart. A black market is a place for people to sell cannabis oil cartridges with pesticides because there is no way of telling if a cart is dirty without an independent lab test. These sellers are not testing THC cartridges because a test does cost them a few hundred dollars and requires a few marijuana sales california

Don’t get fooled by other websites spreading information about these street carts being marijuana sales in ohio

There is a consistency with how the Cereal Carts cannabis oil looks like. It has a clean and clear yellow color. Anything else that may be a darker cannabis oil is most likely of inferior quality. Other giveaways of a fake Cereal Carts is the vape cartridge hardware not being a CCELL cartridge. If there isn’t CCELL etched to the bottom of the cartridge than there is a chance its not marijuana sales canada

Another way to identify a fake Cereal cart is by its flavor profiles. The cannabis oil should taste like the cereal on the packaging. It’s quite fascinating how these street carts have such impressive tasting flavor profiles. Although these flavors are better than another of the legal cartridges for sale, they come with pesticides and ant the THC count is lower than advertised in most cases. This is the reason behind the cheap cost for these oil cartridges; terpenes are less expensive than pure cannabis oil.marijuana concentrates online usa

Just to make sure, it’s kind of ironic to even talk about whether this product is fake or not since there is no reputable company behind it anyway and whoever is selling these cereal carts is infringing other peoples’ marijuana sales illinois

Cereal Carts Flavors | online marijuana sales in massachusetts

The flavor selection for Cereal Carts is quite impressive. The flavor profiles of the cereal are very accurate! There is one huge resource that is providing these prefilled THC oil cartridges nationwide and making a killing do it. These sweet tasting cartridges have no smell that resembles cannabis, instead of it’s hidden as a nicotine vape.order marijuana online usa

  • Apple Jacks 
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Coco Puffs
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Cookie Crisp
  • Lucky Charms
  • Cap’n Crunch
  • Franken Berry
  • Count Chocula
  • Fruity Pebbles

Cereal Carts Strain Info | mail order marijuana online usa

There are details about which strains are used to produce each Cereal Cart. These carts are using distillate, which means that the source for the THC could have been extracted from any quality of cannabis. The terpenes used are not naturally derived from cannabis so the entourage effect will be absent; in other words, the high will be short-lived. This is by no means a high-quality cartridge and has been labeled as hot dog water on mail order marijuana usa

It’s doubtful that the cannabis strains are accurate on the label, its more likely that the only difference is the terpene profiles. This vape cartridge brand has already proven to be untrustworthy for many reasons. Anything on the label is put there for the sole purpose of convincing people that their product is premium when it’s by far not.order marijuana online usa

Cereal Carts Price | usa weed shop online

There is a lot of money to be made from these popular unregulated THC oil cartridges. The average wholesale price of these black market THC oil cartridges is $10 a gram. Move these carts into a state where cannabis is illegal will automatically increase the value up to $60 a gram easy! We do not recommend attempting to try and profit from the sale of cannabis oil cartridges. People are getting arrested with these THC oil cartridges in states where cannabis is not legal.buying marijuana online legal canada

Whether it’s authentic or a fake Cereal Cart, we advise staying away from these cheap prefilled oil cartridges. Vaping concentrated oil that has pesticides can lead to serious health issues. The THC oil is nowhere near as thick as premium products from reputable brands. The hash oil in Cereal Carts moves too fast and can’t hide the fact its cut with a lot of terpenes. Always evaluate a THC oil cartridge with the bubble test, if the bubble in the cannabis oil travels fast its not good quality. The thicker the hash oil, the more pure THC oil is there, the ratio of terpenes of a premium cartridge is always about 15-20%.buying marijuana online legally

In the bay area where cannabis oil cartridges are legal for purchase, you find these Cereal Carts for sale too. They even managed to find their way into the menu of delivery services trying to profit off their low cost. This is why it’s essential to understand which prefilled 510 cartridges are lab tested and proven clean and accurate with their THC content.buying marijuana online legal in florida

There are more than a few similarities between Cereal Carts and Dank Vapes.

The dimensions of the Cereal Cart packaging is identical to the dank vape cartridge packaging. The THC oil is also nearly identical to each other. It’s easier to mimic a packaging than it is cannabis oil which makes us believe its the same person releasing both vape cartridge brands. The list of similarities gets bigger because both brands claim to have around 90% THC in their carts. The vape cartridge hardware with a plastic mouthpiece is also the same.denver marijuana dispensary online

The high from both brands does not last long compared to real premium THC oil cartridges. That’s the major difference between a high quality prefilled cartridge vs. an unregulated vape cartridge. The weak strength of this cannabis oil will cause you to hit the vape cartridge frequently.

We strongly discourage buying Cereal Carts and Dank Vapes, and any other unregulated prefilled cartridge. Do not fall for the deception of the inflated THC content numbers on packaging of these street carts.purchase marijuana online online with paypal

The cannabis oil is mixed with too many terpenes with Cereal Carts, really good quality cannabis oil will not move fast. The THC oil moves too fast with Cereal Carts.marijuana dispensary online colorado

Are you looking for clean THC oil cartridges? | buy marijuana online dark web

Check out our list of the top 25 best THC cartridges in 2019. We created a list base on cannabis oil cartridge companies that provide independent lab tests of their products. We are frequently expanding and adjusting the list based on new cannabis oil cartridges that we get our hands on.buying marijuana edibles online illinois

A premium THC cartridge is going to provide a much better experience compared to carts diluted with terpenes. We always try to educate our readers to invest in quality THC oil cartridges to avoid potential health problems.buying thc gummies online

In conclusion, there is nothing good about these vape cartridges, and we don’t recommend trying them.marijuana online shopping with paypal

Rolling your joints is a stoner’s right. However, rolling is something that many people have difficulty achieving. It takes time, practice, and patience. Fortunately for all the stoners out there that need a bit more time to hone their craft, a joint roller is a good investment.

Today we’ll be covering our top joint rolling machine selections from around world. Not all joint rollers were created equal, or for the same purpose. They come in different sizes, use different mechanisms, and most importantly have different intended uses.

Keep in mind that some of the following joint rollers are in fact, cigarette rollers. Borrowing useful technology never hurt anyone, and these joint rollers can easily be repurposed to roll spliffs, joints or blunts. Just don’t let the label throw you off, cigarette rollers work flawlessly for rolling cannabis instead of tobacco.denver marijuana dispensary online

For those who are into smoking an ego joint, this is probably the best joint roller for you. The smaller roller is highly portable and allows you to create joints in no time whatsoever. You’ll need to be using papers that fit the bill since it will crumble the larger king-sized papers. In any case, simply cutting the paper to fit the mold would do as well.california marijuana dispensary online

This has long been a top seller for the cannabis community. If you are looking for one of the fan-favorite joint rolling machines, this is one of them.dispensary marijuana las vegas

One of the community’s favorites is the Zig Zag king roller. With a 100 mm length, this joint roller can roll some seriously big joints. The simplicity of this joint rolling machine makes rolling a breeze. Simply place your herbs in the center of the mat, close it and start rolling. You can add in filters before adding in your rolling paper to add that online marijuana dispensary

Insert the paper with the sticky side facing you, give it a good roll, lick the gum and complete the process. Once you open the device, you’ll have a perfectly rolled joint ready for smoking.dispensary marijuana san diego

The Powermatic is a cigarette roller, but it works just as well for weed. This is an “injector”, meaning that you load a chamber and then insert it into the paper. The entire process is quite fluid and will deliver flawless king-sized joints in no marijuana shops

Many people who have used these rollers stand by their durability and their long-lasting performance quality. Some people have held onto these devices for many years, and while it’s close to the $50 marker, it’s well worth the marijuana near me

The Juicy Jay’s rolling machine is very similar to the one from Zig Zag a Raw. This rolling machine also lets you roll a perfect blunt, and this machine has close to 500 reviews on Amazon, so you know what you’ll get. Compared to the previous roller, you’ll find the price tag is more than suitable for your average stoner since it costs less than USD marijuana sacramento

Made from a metal frame and functioning similar to the Zig Zag roller, the Rizla roller is something you’ll want to add to your toking arsenal. Being very durable and highly portable makes this joint roller a favorite for many stoners all over the world.purchase marijuana online

With this roller you’ll be able to pull out some epic joints in a matter of seconds, simply grind, insert, roll, and you’re set to go!

Just because you want to smoke a joint, doesn’t mean you want to share, which is why the Zig Zag makes a premium 70mm rolling machine. As anyone who smokes smaller joints knows, consistency is a major issue when working on such a tiny scale. Thin joints can come out mangled. The Zig Zag 70mm roller eliminates the problem of consistency, however. It caters to those looking to roll for personal use, pumping out perfectly rolled pinners every time.purchase marijuana legally online

The Elements branded 79mm roller comes with two packs of Elements rolling papers. For the uninitiated, Elements are rice-based rolling papers, which burn slowly with minimal ash. They have a near-cult following, and many who try them never go back to other brands.

Although the Elements 79mm roller will work with any appropriately sized paper, the benefit to this option is the chance to try out rolling with rice paper. You might be surprised by how much you love the results.purchase marijuana online california

Very similar to the Zig Zag roller, the significant difference between this joint roller and the previously mentioned one is that it is designed to roll cones. And we know that every toker loves to smoke them some cones. In addition to the fact that it hosts the iconic image of the master stoner supreme, Tommy Chong!

Mr. Chong released this model roughly two years ago and has been a stoner favorite ever since.purchase marijuana online with credit card

Another cool device by RAW you can buy for less than 10$ USD. Just fill the trough with your smoking blend, slide the pre-rolled cone over the end and slide the mechanismforward and back to fill up your cone. This process can be tailored to adjust how tightly your cone is packed.Just don’t put too much in the chamber or it will rip the paper. Other than that, works great. There are also more than 150 reviews you can check out. This is one of the top joint rolling machines based on customer feedback.real marijuana online store

The RAW Authentic Adjustable Rolling Box uses a non-stretch cloth apron and extra strong welded rivets to ensure that you’ll always get the perfect joint. You can either roll’em skinny(6mm diameter) or fat (8mm diameter). Be sure to read the tips in the quick little instruction, manual that is included. Here’s a short marijuana online store

The rollerbox is a small black box that packs a lot of punch. With the ability to serve as a storage device as well as a roller, we think this is one roller that everyone should try at least once. Fits easily in your pocket and has compartments to take your matches, your weed and what you need to get the job marijuana store free shipping

The all in one roller lets you roll your joints and store it with the same device for less thanUSD 7. Make sure to read a couple of reviews before you get one. There are more than 250. Some of the buyers were happy with what they got but others not so much. You can’t pay a Fiat and expect a Ferrari marijuana stores in california

One of the frequent complaints on joint rolling storage boxes is their limited size. Most storage boxes will roll a joint the size of a cigarette, or smaller. While this makes them small enough to carry around in a pocket, but it frustrates many stoners looking to roll massive blunts. The Rollup represents the big blunt solution, as it is big enough to roll joints up to 110mm long.where to purchase marijuana online

Again, users report an initial learning curve, but once educated, they get a perfectly rolled blunt every time. The Rollup is also one of the sleeker storage models on the marijuana stores in illinois

As with the other boxes on the list, This 70mm Metal Cigarette Roller is multi-purpose; a way to get two birds stoned at once as the Trailer Park Boys would say. Not only does it store your product, but it rolls it. No fuss over clean up, and no need to carry around more than one tool, because this option carries everything you’ll ever need.purchase medical marijuana online

Want to pack 24 perfectly shaped cones at once? Enter the J Ware Cone Loader. While not technically a joint roller, it still produces King size cones, and in bulk. It is also a bit different from other rollers (or injectors) on the list because it uses pre-rolled cones from J Ware, which fit into the cylinders. The operator can load one cone at a time, or 24, which makes it great for dispensaries or anyone needing to mass-produce perfect cones.legally purchase marijuana online

The Top-o-Matic is an impressive machine that might not be portable, but if you are a dispensary owner, it will come in very handy for rolling large amounts of joints in no time. The way it works is by placing the cannabis on the platform, putting a pre-rolled paper on the “injector” and cranking an arm. In one fell swoop, you’ll notice the joint gets packed and is ready to to purchase marijuana online

As mentioned, it’s not portable so it won’t be something you’ll carry with you, but it is perfect if you want to roll out plenty of joints in no time.

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